Never Give Up: Guy Eventually Manages To Wall Jump Up Building

May 26, 2020

This is a video of pro parkour athlete and stuntman Jesse Turner repeatedly attempted to 180-wall jump up the side of a building and, eventually, succeeding. It just goes to show you that if you put your mind to something and never give up, eventually you'll be able to climb that building. "Was that a metaphor?" Absolutely not. Putting your mind to something and not giving up is only practical for climbing actual buildings. Anything else and you're wasting your time. Kids I hope you're writing this down.

Keep going for the video, as well as a higher res version of just the victorious attempt while I brag about all the time I've done this in video games easy-peasy.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the human body is an amazing thing. I mean not mine, but hers is *Italian chef kiss*

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