Classic: Mississippi Governor Pranked Into Reading 'Harry Azcrac' Name During Virtual Graduation Ceremony

May 21, 2020


In real mature news, Mississippi governor Tate Reeves was pranked into reading 'Harry Azcrac' as a name during a Facebook Live virtual graduation ceremony for Florence High School, his alma mater. Some more info while I painfully relive tripping and falling on stage during my own high school graduation and the principal whispering "You're a dork" in my ear while accepting my diploma:

A video clip became the butt of jokes on Twitter, and the governor handled it with good humor.

"Harry's submitter has a bright future as a Simpson's writer!" Reeves tweeted, also noting that he would be back online reading more graduates' names: "Maybe even Ben -- the pride of the Dover family."

Well it's nice he handled it with good humor. There's nothing worse than somebody taking a lighthearted prank and not handling it well. Take my last prank for example. "You duct-taped your roommate to the dresser and set his bed on fire. To my credit though I did think we had a fire extinguisher.

Keep going for the video while I light some incense and write another roommate wanted ad.

Thanks to my friend Randi, who informed me she wasn't thrilled about her shoutout in that article yesterday.

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