I Must Have One: Man Builds R9-D9 Housekeeping Droid On Top Of Roomba

May 14, 2020

This is the R9-D9 housekeeping droid constructed by Youtube MatthewScottHunter from a robotic mop/vacuum, trash can, a few pieces of wood, and a lot of poster board. His head turns via an oscillating desk fan, his voice is projected through internal Bluetooth speakers, and he's pulled around the house via the robotic vacuum cleaner, either autonomously or controlled via remote. How awesome is that? Now, if we haven't all built ourselves R9-D9 housekeeping droids by the time this quarantine is over, can we even argue we used our time at home wisely? No *using circular saw to cut bottom off neighbor's city-provided garbage bin* the answer is no.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to TittyMcNippleFondler, both for the tip AND being able to make my girlfriend guess who I met today via email.

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