James Bond 'Spectre' Opening With The Originally Requested Radiohead Song As The Title Track

May 12, 2020


This is a video of the opening of the 2015 James Bond film 'Spectre' with the originally requested Radiohead song as the title track instead of Sam Smith's 'Writing's On The Wall', with some small editorial changes made to the music to fit the sequence. Radiohead was first commissioned to write the title song for 'Spectre' and submitted 'Man Of War', a song they wrote in the 90's but never released. It was declined by the studio because it wouldn't be eligible for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The band then wrote and recorded 'Spectre' specifically for the film (with a name like that how couldn't it be?), which was deemed too melancholy (from Radiohead? Nooooo), and the studio eventually worked out a deal with Sam Smith. Admittedly, the Radiohead version does sound awfully...Radioheady. Sam Smith's track almost sounds like a Nina Simone song, several of which (i.e. Feeling Good) would have made fantastic James Bond themes. But what do I know? I don't pick the music for movies, I just complain about the choices the people who get paid to do it make. And is it a coincidence nobody has been to the theater in two months? Food for thought. Specifically, a paper grocery bag sized popcorn and 128-ounce Coke.

Kepe going for the Radiohead version and Sam Smith for reference, as well as Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good' in case you didn't click the link in the article because now that's a tasty jam.

Thanks to hairless, who's inspired me to start dubbing over DVD movie copies with my own soundtracks and selling them out of my trench coat on street corners.

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