I Love Appetizers: Impressive Tapas Making LEGO Machine

May 28, 2020

This is a video demonstration of the LEGO Tapas Factory constructed by LEGO builder The Brick Wall. The machine is capable of slicing bread, then loading each slice with a variety of ingredients via two conveyor belts, then impaling the bread with a skewer, attaching tomato and cheese. Simple! And by simple I mean it would have been infinitely easier to just ask your mom if she'll make you a snack. I remember when I was a kid whenever I'd take a nap my mom would leave a bowl of berries outside my door for when I woke up. Those were the days. Now? These are not the days. *liberally pouring gasoline in the dumpster that is 2020* Not by a long shot.

Keep going for the full video demo.

Thanks to Carmen, who knows what I like, and I like finger foods. I'm a sucker for them, it's true. Hand foods too.

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