How Fascinating: A Year Timelapse Of Someone's Fingernails Growing And Repeatedly Being Cut

May 26, 2020

This is a year timelapse of some weirdo's fingernails growing and being cut over the course of a year. "They should have never trimmed it. Right? WE DEMAND COMMITMENT. Compared to mine those are some slow-growing nails. I'm not sure if it was all the milk I drank growing up, but if I didn't cut my nails at least every two weeks I would have talons and my girlfriend would probably never ask me for a massage ever again *light bulb goes off in head, throws nail clippers in river* As someone pointed out in the Youtube comments, the nail isn't even where the most fascinating action is, it's watching the cuticle change over time. Also if you masturbated watching this I want you to delete my number from your phone.

Keep going for the full year experience.

Thanks to Caroline J, who agrees this person doesn't get nearly enough hangnails to be human.

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