Hong Kong Gelato Shop Selling 'Tear Gas' Flavor

May 15, 2020

To remind everyone there was a pro-democracy movement in progress prior to the coronavirus pandemic (and show support for the movement), a gelato shop in Hong Kong is selling a 'tear gas' flavored frozen dessert. Some more info while I order a more traditional pistachio flavor:

it's not easy to swallow (literally). One customer who had been tear gassed at a protest said the ice cream, made of black peppercorns, tastes a lot like the real thing.

That...does not sound very pleasant, although I'm sure it's worlds better than actually getting tear-gassed. The closest I've ever come is taking turns with a friend pepper spraying each other. Easily in the top 20 cries of my whole life.

Keep going for a short video.

Thanks to Caroline J, who agrees it's crazy we have both tear and laughing gases.

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