Holy Smokes: Demo Of Unreal Engine 5 Running Live On A Playstation 5

May 13, 2020


Note: Watch in as high resolution as possible. I was going to make a gif but it just butchers the quality the same way I used to massacre all-you-can-eat buffets before this pandemic.

This is a tech demo of the new Unreal Engine 5 running in real-time on a Playstation 5. Talk about some sick graphics, bro! I thought it was a movie at first. Just kidding, I read the video description. Or did I?! You know how I feel about reading. "A picture's worth a thousand words." Two thousand if it's a nude.

Keep going for the full video (with soooooo many triangles), as well as a shorter highlight real for those of you want to pretend you've got somewhere to be.

Thanks to hairless and Robot Rob (WTF?), who's not convinced that isn't a real woman trapped in a video game desperately trying to find her way out.

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