Guy Seriously Upgrades His 'Never Miss' Basketball Backboard

May 11, 2020

After using math to develop a backboard shape that would guide the majority of shots into the basket, Youtuber Stuff Made Here just wasn't satisfied with the result. The solution? Building a backboard that guides almost every shot into the basket by tracking the ball and angling itself just right before the ball makes contact. It's kind of similar in concept to the auto-bullseye dart board Mark Roper built back in 2017. Me? I don't need auto-bullseye dart boards or never miss basketball backboards because *throwing paper ball over shoulder* I'm already an excellent shot. "There's not even a trashcan over there." I was aiming for the carpet.

Keep going for the full video including build and in-depth discussion how it works including real-time collision detection and computational geometry. I dunno, I think I'm just a good shot.

Thanks to JB, who agrees if you don't yell 'buckets!' every time you shoot a shot, do you even want it go in?

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