Guy Reads First Chapter Of The Hobbit Entirely In Gollum Voice

May 26, 2020


Now I know Andy Serkis recently read the entirety of The Hobbit online to raise money for charity and used his Gollum voice for the Gollum parts, but this is not that. This is a video of a guy doing a Gollum impression and reading the whole first chapter of The Hobbit over the course of an hour. Obviously, if you significant other doesn't bat an eye when you put this on for a hot and heavy make-out session they definitely love you, but you should still consider breaking up because they're a freak.

Keep going for the video, and if you're into this you can explore the Gollum Reads Youtube channel for Gollum reading a variety of different children's books.

Thanks to Jacoby, who agrees this guy must kill at bedtime stories.

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