Guy Performs a-ha's Classic 'Take On Me' With Buttons Of Fancy New Washing Machine

May 27, 2020


This is a TikTok video of musician Kurt Hugo Schneider and a friend performing a-ha's timeless banger 'Take On Me' on the buttons of one of those newfangled washing machines (they should have called it 'Take On My Dirty Whites'). It must be nice having a fancy musical washing machine like that. What did it cost, a million bucks? Me? I still wash my clothes in the river by beating them with a rock the way an otter does to open a clam. "That's not how you do it." Admittedly, my favorite jeans do still look like they were shit recently.

Keep going for the video while I speculate what wash settings you're left with performing the whole song.


Eh, the clothes will probably be fine for another week.. @electricjason ##takeonme ##washingmachine

♬ original sound - kurtschneider

Thanks to Seb, who agrees MTV was foolish to even bother holding any more MTV Video Music Awards shows after 1986.

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