Good Effort: Three Young Brothers Hospitalized After Taking Turns Getting Bitten By Black Widow To Gain Superpowers

May 27, 2020


Three young brothers aged 8, 10 and 12 in Bolivia learned the hard way that comic books are a lie after taking turns being bitten by a black widow in an attempt to gain Spider-Man like superpowers. Admittedly, not the dumbest thing I've heard of someone doing, not even just today, including adults. Details:

The boys started experiencing symptoms within a few minutes and their concerned mother rushed them to a local health center where their conditions continued to worsen and they were taken to a hospital in Llallagua.

The next day they were transferred to the Children's Hospital in La Paz, where they were admitted with fever, tremours, sweating and muscular pain, Pietro said.

The boys were successfully treated at the hospital and were able to be discharged a week later.

Pietro said the incident should be taken as a warning that 'for children everything is real, movies are real'.

It was a valiant effort, but what those kids didn't realize is *letting spider crawl through glow stick liquid I've poured onto table* is the spider has to be radioactive first. "That's a stink bug, and there's nothing radioactive about glow sticks." Whatever *letting bug crawl on chest* ten bucks says I'm weaving nipple-silk by 5PM Eastern.

Thanks to Christopher C, who agrees you don't know till you try, and even then you can't be sure you didn't just do it wrong.

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