Ford Files Patent For Roof-Retractable Cover That Blankets Car In Solar Panels When Parked

May 21, 2020


This is the diagram accompanying Ford's patent application for a roof-retractable "cocoon" that blankets a parked vehicle with a solar panel array to steal the sun's energy and use it for its own. Some more details while I yell at the sun for being so bright when it knows I forgot my sunglasses today:

The tarp, made from a shape-memory polymer, would protect the car from the elements, while harnessing energy from the sun.

Since the flexible solar tarp would dramatically increase the surface area compared to a simple roof panel, it could capture much more solar power. The patent application also describes a variant of the invention which could automatically retract when it receives a signal that the driver is ready to retrieve their car from its parking space.

Interesting, but do you think the concept *putting on cool guy shades* will ever see the light of day? "I thought you said you forgot your sunglasses." I did, I'm actually just holding up magnifying glasses. "You blind yet?" Definitely getting close.

Thanks to Mark B, who agrees plus you can get freaky under there without anybody seeing.

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