For Liquid Courage: Lord Of The Rings Tiki Mugs

May 14, 2020


These are the Lord Of The Rings character tiki mugs created by Geeki Tikis and available from Tonyk. Each costs $26 and come in 18-ounce Gandalf and 14-ounce Frodo and Gollum varieties. There's also a set of two 2-ounce Frodo an Gollum 'mini mugs' (read: shot glasses) available for $15, or free with any $100 purchase. So *tossing coaster on the bar in front of you* what'll it be? "I'll have a Miruvor." Huh? "You know, the Cordial of Imladris. Made by Rivendell elves to revitalize those who drink it. Elrond gave some to the fellowship, and Gandalf had everyone take a sip while struggling through the Misty Mountains." Oh riiiiiight. *rolling eyes* Now I remember. *snatching coaster away* I just don't have any of the ingredients because this is regular earth and not Middle-earth, nerd. "I'll have a buttery nipple." *returning coaster* Prepare for the butteriest.

Keep going for a closeup of each.





Thanks to Sarah, for inspiring me to get back to work on the tiki bar I was constructing in my office.

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