Finally, The My Little Pony/Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Collection You've Been Dreaming Of

May 14, 2020


This is the 'Cutie Marks And Dragons' set, a My Little Pony/Dungeons & Dragons crossover collection. It features five My Little Ponies, each representing a different character class from the classic tabletop role-playing game, including rogue, barbarian, druid, bard, and wizard, plus dungeon master privacy screen AND a D20. Apparently Hasbro plans on releasing more info about the set, including cost and availability, in the coming weeks. So, which is your favorite? Personally *flourishes hand, revealing your stolen phone* I prefer the rogue. "But how could you, that was--" In your butt? No, but I did check there first.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees now you just need a tabletop and gridded map large enough to use them as your characters.

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