Finally, A Waffle Maker That Makes 3-D Cars And Trucks

May 6, 2020


This is the Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker from CucinaPro and available on Amazon ($43). It bakes waffle batter into the fun shapes of little cars and trucks. If you aren't playing with your breakfast now, you're doing it wrong. Obviously, I plan on hollowing out the tops of the two big trucks and filling them up to the brim with syrup and just drinking from them. My mom will almost tell me to stop because she knows I'm going to be so hyper I'll be running through walls for the next hour, but deep down I know she hopes I concuss myself so I'm out for the rest of the day and she can drink her wine box in peace.

Keep going for a handful more shots while I park a bunch of these in my garage.





Thanks again to Mark B, who agrees we need to see these eaten competitively.

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