Extra Pickles Please: Custom Cheeseburger Lingerie Set

May 27, 2020


This is the very appetizing looking cheeseburger lingerie set crafted by New Zealand dressmaker and costumier Estelle Peacock (great name for a dressmaker and costumier, btw). As you can see, this particularly delicious ensemble has got all the fixins of a great cheeseburger (minus mustard and onions): sesame seed bun bra and panties with burger patty, tomato, cheese, ketchup and lettuce accents, lettuce garters, and, the real icing on the cake -- pickle pasties. I asked my girlfriend if she'd ever wear it and she said no so I made a sad face and told her but I thought you were my cheeseburger. She insisted she is my cheeseburger so I said well then you should start dressing like one and that's when I'm pretty sure she changed the payment method for whatever she was buying on Amazon to my debit card.

Keep going for a few more shots.






Thanks to carey, who agrees that looks like a night of medium-rare passion just waiting to happen.

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