Dog Interrupts Weather Forecast During At-Home Report

May 5, 2020

This is a video of Fox 13 Tampa Bay meteorologist Paul Dellegatto giving an at-home weather report (including cameraman Craig shooting from outside his office window behind a sheet to minimize reflections) when his dog Brody whacks his laptop with his head and prevents the weather maps from moving, presumably in an attempt to be fed. The forecast pretty much falls apart from there, including Brody trying to spot Craig outside the window. And, I think I speak for everybody in Tampa Bay who relies on Fox 13 for their weather, that I hope every forecast in the future is mostly sunny with a chance of Brody.

Keep going for the full video. Also, props to Paul for having so many framed pictures of Brody on his desk.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees they should just let pets do the weather report from now on.

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