Where'd You Learn To Drive, Grand Theft Auto?: Dash Cam Footage Of Driver's Creative U-Turn

May 18, 2020

In life imitating video games news, this is some dashcam footage from Antioch, Tennessee of an inspired driver making a very creative U-turn. Hey, if it works in Grand Theft Auto, it's bound to work in real life too, right? Per Rodney Dangerfield: "This afternoon my wife cracked up the car again. I was out driving with her, she told me she was gonna make a u-turn. I'll tell ya, the letter she made... you'll never find in the alphabet." LOL. Maybe it was a Ж from the Cyrillic alphabet. Also, do you think it's coincidence the back right bumper of this Civic looks like they just backed into something and ran? Because I've got the sneaking suspicion somebody just earned a two star wanted level and is circling back to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray.

Keep going for the video, but you aren't missing much sticking to the gif.

Thanks to Ed WH, who agrees driving safely means different things to different people, and nothing to this lunatic.

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