Darth Vader With Lightsaber Pool Float

May 7, 2020


In there's no way Vader signed off on this news, this is the 'Nino Star Products Pool Float Black Outdoor' available from Amazon. It costs around $25, kinda looks like a Darth Vader a kid drew, and I can't imagine Darth doesn't wish they all melted in the destruction of the first Death Star. "What am I, a joke to you?!" I imagine him demanding as he Force-chokes the commander who signed off on using his likeness for a cartoony pool float as the other who signed off on the line of upcoming Vader sex toys casually backs out of the room intending to catch the first dropship to Tatooine.

Keep going for one more shot of Vader at his most humiliated.


Thanks again to speakerbox, who agrees Vader has probably never wanted to be popped and thrown away so badly.

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