Damn, Mother Nature: The Golden Chrysalides Of The Tarricina Longwing Butterfly

May 20, 2020

This is a short video of a handful of chrysalides of Tithorea tarricina (aka the tarricina longwing, variable presonian, or cream-spotted tigerwing butterfly, of the family Nymphalidae). These are actual, unaltered chrysalides too, they really are gold and have an almost Sharpie'd cel-shaded look to them. Mother Nature, am I right? "What about her?" Oh, you know *leaning in, lowering voice* She has mushrooms for tits. "Whaaaat?" One time when we were making out I licked a nip and tripped for like a month straight. "Jesus." Oh dude, I saw him a bunch.

Keep going for a video montage of photos and video of the species.

Thanks to Leann H, who agrees magic is everywhere, but mostly deep in the forest where the witches live.

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