Cooool: Kinetic Wind Wall Art Installation Constantly Changes With The Wind

May 28, 2020

This is a video of artist Ed Khan's 'Wind Wall', a kinetic art installation covering the exterior walls of a parking garage in Clayton, Missouri. As the wind blows it moves the wall's individual metal flaps, revealing the wind's pattern. I wonder what Linka from Captain Planet And The Planeteers thinks about it. "Because she has the power of wind?" No, because she retired from Planeteering and became an art critic, yes because she has the power of wind. I take it you're not the Planeteer with the-- "Power of thought?" Don't you take my insults away from me!

Keep going for the video, which includes some closeups.

Thanks again to Dougie, who agrees wind power is cool, but the power of persuasion is even cooler. Hey, you there -- gimme kissies.

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