A Surprisingly Tasty Jam: The Windows Error Message Remix

May 13, 2020

This is 'error [レッドゾーン]', a remix of '[Windows] RED ZONE exeが本気を出したみたいです', an electronic song made using the sounds of Windows error messages. At first I thought it was going to make my brain explode but, like running the shower so hot it burns, I quickly started to like it. Plus the visuals are pretty sweet. Maybe not as sweet as some of the visualization plugins I had for Winamp back in college, but the right song and and visualizer could really get a girl in the mood. "To leave and you stay up till 4AM playing Counter-Strike?" Wait -- Ben? My freshman roommate?!

Keep going for the remix, as well as the original for reference.

Thanks to DT, who knows what I like, and I like listening to songs that make my girlfriend threaten to leave.

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