A Champagne Bottle Sized 'My Personal Bottomless Mimosa' Glass

May 7, 2020


Just in time for Mother's Day/continued at-home quarantine comes this 750mL 'My Personal Bottomless Mimosa' glass from BigMouth, Inc and available on Amazons. The surprisingly all-glass drinkware (but still hand-wash only on account of the decorations) combines the shape of a champagne bottle with a mimosa glass to holds 8 (read: 2-3) servings, and is perfect for letting the rest of your family know you're not to be bothered for the rest of the day because it may still be early here but, dammit, it's 5 o'clock somewhere that's nine and half hours ahead.

Thanks to Tracey H, who informed me she can't count the number of times she's been asked to leave a bottomless brunch for really putting its bottomlessness to the test. Heck yeah, that's called doing God's work.

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