5-Year Old Pulled Over In Utah On Way To California To Buy Himself A Lamborghini

May 5, 2020


Seen here speaking with the Utah State Trooper that pulled him over, a five-year old explains he was just on his way to California to buy a Lamborghini with the $3 he has in his pocket. Oh, and that's just somebody's poor face-blurring job in the photo, not a boy trying to drive to California with a paper plate taped to his eyes. More details:

The boy left in the SUV after arguing with his mother, who said she would not buy the luxury car for him, Utah Highway Patrol said on Twitter.

Troopers told CNN affiliate KSL-TV they initially thought the boy was an impaired driver.
"How old are you? You're 5 years old?" Trooper Rick Morgan says in dash camera footage of the traffic stop. "Wow ... Where did you learn to drive a car?"

Morgan told KSL-TV he had to help the child get the SUV into park.

"He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there," he said.

Morgan says no one was hurt, and it will be up to the local prosecutor to decide whether to file charges against the parents, who had left the boy in his sibling's care while they were away from home.

Honestly, I'm not sure what you'd charge the parents with, because clearly this kid can take care of himself. I mean not only is he a better driver than 90% of people on the street, he clearly understands the value of money. Not to mention he's practically the size of an adult. Is that what five-year olds look like now? When I was five I weighed like 20 pounds and still lived in my mom's pouch. "Dammit GW, you weren't adopted by kangaroos." *shadowboxing* Come to Australia and say that to my fist-paws!

Keep going for a video of the pullover from the trooper's dashcam (no bodycam).

Thanks to my buddy Closet Nerd, who informed me his five-year old is smart enough to not leave with at least $100 because "he knows $3 won't even buy him a color changing Hot Wheels car." Smart kid.

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