Woopsie: Local News Reporter Reports From Home Bathroom While Husband Is In The Shower

April 22, 2020


In 'Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the most endowed of them all' news, this is a short video from a KCRA 3 Sacramento, California local news broadcast about when beauty salons will be able to reopen for business while reporter Melinda Meza cuts her own bangs and reports from her bathroom where her husband can be seen in the shower via a reflection from a door mirror in the reflection of the main mirror (I zoomed and enhanced for the sake of journalistic integrity). Despite Melinda's 15 years of reporting experience, I suppose there are some things you can't be prepared for. Or, who knows-- "Maybe she was just bragging." The man's got a fantastic penis, Melinda, we get it.

Keep going for the report while I speculate why there wasn't a conversation about how this probably wasn't the best time to hop in the shower.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees risky decision making comes in all shapes and sizes.

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