Womp Womp: $260K McLaren Driver Floats Off Flooded Street

April 28, 2020

This is a short video from of a McLaren 600LT driver, who clearly has more money than sense (how did you make your money, anyways? I'm not that bright either but I'd love to be rich), driving their ~$260,000 sports car into heavy flooding and floating off toward Pennywise's storm sewer. Honestly, if I had some rear-wheel drive luxury sports car I wouldn't even take that thing out if there was rain in the forecast for the next week. I mean I already fishtail enough and I drive a near powerless front-wheel drive Mitsubishi Mirage. I lost a drag race to my brother last weekend and he was on a Huffy.

Keep going for the whole video in high quality, complete with commentary.

Thanks to Mark B, who agrees maybe the driver thought it was part submarine like James Bond's Lotus Esprit.

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