Willy Wonka Scenes Edited With Digital Effects To Make The Movie An R-Rated Horror Flick

April 28, 2020

This is a video of the effects artists at Corridor Crew adding some digital effects to give the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory an R-rated horror flick feel. Honestly, I felt like the movie was already terrifying enough even without the gruesome deaths added. A lot of times leaving something to the imagination is scarier than seeing it, you know? The place is run by Oompa Loompas -- what they might be doing behind closed doors is way more terrifying than watching Augustus Gloop explode in what was once a chocolate river Fudge Room extraction pipe. And *lowers voice, gets serious* speaking of chocolate river extraction pipes, lately I've been having troubl-- "I'm not your doctor, GW." But he won't return my calls!

Keep going for a video of just the edited scenes, then a longer making-of video if you're interested.

Thanks to MP, who agrees the imagination is far more powerful than the sword or pen, but not black magic.

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