Wife Not Impressed With Her Husband's Motorized Amish Buggy

April 2, 2020

This is a video of a woman letting us know how she feels about the Amish buggy her husband bought at an auction, let sit in a barn untouched for three years, then recently modded with a gas engine with the free time he's had while social distancing. "I wonder how many horsepower it has." LOLOL. She sounds like she's giving him a hard time, but not-so-deep-down I know she loves everything about her man and his buggy. Kind of like my girlfriend and my-- oh, no, she's shaking her head no. Maybe if I spend another three years sitting untouched in a barn and she'll finally appreciate me. "You know that imaginary girlfriend of yours really gives you a hard time, GW." I love her though, I do. And not just because of her boobs, but-- "She has five of them." Don't you be creeping on my lady!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Clint, who informed me he wants to see that bad boy's braking power.

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