What The?: This Insane Chain Link Whip Exploding Oranges

April 8, 2020

Note: Much better with the audio.

This is a TikTok video from user Masterlolik_YT of a man using a giant chain link whip to send oranges to meet their maker (presumably Mr. Tropicana) in an explosive fashion. Could you imagine being able to lift one of these in wield it in battle? Because I can, because I do. "He can barely throw a water balloon far enough to hit his brother." Mom! "We don't even let him play outside anymore it's so embarrassing." You said I was allergic!

Keep going for the full, worthwhile video.


♬ original sound - masterlolik_yt

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees the rest of the Avengers should chip in and gift the Hulk one of these bad boys.

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