Well That's Good: Pandas At Hong Kong Zoo Mate Naturally For The First Time

April 9, 2020


In can't wait for the baby shower news, two giant pandas at Hong Kong's Ocean Park Zoo have mated naturally for the first time after ten years of living together. Funny, whenever I've lived with someone for ten years we've typically STOPPED mating, LOL. *sobbing* Some more info about panda sex for those of you interested:

"Since Ying Ying and Le Le's arrival in Hong Kong in 2007, and attempts at natural mating since 2010, they unfortunately have yet to succeed until this year," said Michael Boos, executive director of zoological operation and conservation, calling the news "extremely exciting for all of us." Indeed!

Those well read on the subject of panda sex will understand just how noteworthy this coitus is. Pandas are notoriously bad at mating, largely because male pandas -- like their human counterparts, some might say -- are inept at reading females' signals. "Male giant pandas are bad at working out when a female is likely to welcome their advances, and bad at knowing what to do next if they do happen to stumble upon a willing mate," reads a Guardian article on the subject. "In the unlikely event that they get around to having sex, they're often too quick about the whole business to get the female pregnant."

I bet it's because they finally didn't have to deal with people yelling and banging on their enclosure's windows all the time. They finally got a little peace and quiet, you know? Personal time. Time to be INTIMATE. Aaaaaaand then there's the member of the zoo staff snapping pics while they're doing it doggy style.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees it's never too late to get freaky.

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