Wait, Come Back!: Doorbell Cam Captures Amazon Delivery Guy Chasing After Runaway Van

April 16, 2020

This is some Ring doorbell footage of an Amazon delivery guy who failed to properly park his vehicle and has to chase after it down the street (complete with open door). It looks like it takes him a second to realize the van he just saw roll by was his, but then those high school track and field legs kick in and he roadrunners down the street. You know it's funny my girlfriend regularly using that Amazon tracking app to see exactly where her packages are and she's always, "It's only six stops away!" and I'm all 'That's great honey!' but really it's hard to get excited about electric toothbrush replacement heads.

Keep going for the clip, which, yes, was uploaded by the very mature Obi-WannaBlowMe.

Idiots outside of cars? Poor guy from r/IdiotsInCars

Thanks to Angela W, who agrees if you can't remember to put your vehicle in park and apply the emergency break, how can you even be trusted with all my drunk Amazon purchases?

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