University Students In Japan Walk For Graduation Via Telepresence Robots

April 7, 2020

Some students graduating from the Business Breakthrough University in Tokyo were still able to attend a graduation ceremony during the lockdown by controlling telepresence robots to cross the stage and receive a diploma and congratulations from university president Kenichi Ohmae. What a satisfying experience that must have been after all those years of hard work.

The robots, dubbed "Newme" by developer ANA Holdings, were dressed in graduation caps and gowns for the ceremony...

The robots' "faces" were tablets that displayed the faces of the graduates, who logged on at home and controlled the robots via their laptops.

One by one, the robots motored toward the podium to receive their diplomas. School staff clapped and said "congratulations!" as University President Kenichi Ohmae placed the diplomas on a rack mounted on the robot's midsection.

Man, if that had been me when I was graduating from college I would have just driven my robot off the edge of the stage and ended that farce. SCHOOL'S FOR FOOLS. I mean unless you're actually studying something important. I was not, and I'll still be paying for until the day I die, which, at least the way things are going, was last month.

Keep going for a video news segment about the ceremony.

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