Toilet Module That Identifies Users Via Analprint, Collects Health Data To Help Identify Disease

April 13, 2020


Researchers at Stanford University have built a ~$300 - $600 smart-toilet module that can identify users via their analprint (read: unique butthole) and use its cameras and sensors to gather health information from their waste and help identify potential disease. Some more info while I brag on Facebook my butt is one-in-a-million:

The idea for an analprint was sparked by Salvador Dalí, who discovered that "the anus has 35 or 37 creases, which are as unique as fingerprints," Park wrote in a blog post. The prototype device -- which is modular and can be attached to most standard toilets -- uses a Raspberry Pi paired with a camera to capture each person's unique analprint as they sit down to use the toilet, ensuring the data it captures is associated with the correct person.

The real action happens after the person sits down, according to Park. Inside the toilet, there are cameras to capture images of the person and their waste, motion sensors to detect urine streams, and medical sensors to analyze what's inside the excrement. To further distinguish an individual, the smart toilet also includes a fingerprint scanner on the lever.

Haha, it's got a fingerprint scanner on the flush handle too just to make sure it identified the correct user. Like, I thought that was your butt, but I just wanted to make sure. Why even bother? Why not just use voice recognition and state your name? It's not like I'd lie and identify myself as some other family member unless I just had Taco Bell and feel guilty for the toilet and don't want it to intentionally hide potential diseases from me for what I'm about to do to it.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees its only a matter of time until top-secret government bases require a good old fashioned mooning in order to gain access.

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