Timelapse Of The World's Largest Single Image Jigsaw Puzzle (42,000 Pieces) Being Completed

April 13, 2020

This is a video of Youtuber Andre F completing the world's largest single image jigsaw puzzle, 'Around The World' by Educa (previously: this cheating world's largest puzzle by Kodak, which is really just 27 separate puzzles that can be assembled together). The puzzle measures 24.6ft x 5.2ft when complete, which took Andre eleven months and not two weeks in quarantine like I could have done. *shrug* I'm sort of a puzzle master. "He just eats the pieces." Mom!

Keep going for the full video, which clearly shows Andre did some serious piece sorting.

Thanks to Christina D, who agrees who the hell has the space to put together a 25-foot puzzle?

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