The United States Of Demonyms (What You Call Someone From A Particular State)

April 15, 2020


Note: Larger version HERE so you don't strain those precious peepers.

This is a map of the United States detailing the proper demonym to call someone from each state (there are also two maps providing the correct demonyms for Canada's provinces and territories in both English and French). Granted these probably aren't what you'd call someone from a particular state, but you aren't exactly the most politically correct person I know either. "Aren't you from West Virginia?" I am. "You know what that makes you?" A West Virginian. "A hillbilly cousinlov--" Alright *grabbing can* that's enough White Claws for you this morning.

Keep going for the Canadian maps, English then French.



Thanks to Caroline J, who informed me she's a South Carolinian. Valuable info.

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