The End Times: Homemade Nuclear Explosion Lamps

April 10, 2020


This is an example of the nuclear explosion lamps made and sold by Poland based Etsy shop evilincEU. They consist of a wooden base and wire armature covered with airbrushed cotton and cost about $130 (plus $22 shipping). They measure approximately a foot tall and a foot in diameter, with a base that's slightly larger. Of course if you'e any good at arts and crafts you could probably follow an Instructable and make one yourse-- oh, no, your mom is shaking her head no like she doesn't believe in your skills. Well, looks like you'll have to start saving your allowance.

Keep going for several more shots in different lighting conditions, and a video.






Thanks to Jeremy K, who agrees nothing quite gets you in the mood like the end of the world.

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