That Brought Me Great Joy: Girl Gets Owned By Dog Twice

April 24, 2020


Note: I purposefully didn't make a gif so you'd watch the video with audio.

This is a super short video of a girl in the middle of what had to be the least interesting video recording of all time when her dog decides it's had enough of co-hosting Americas' Shittiest Home Video and tries to liven things up. That jump at the end -- I laughed so hard I farted out loud and now my girlfriend is pretending like she didn't hear even though it was the equivalent of popping a balloon in church and probably left a stain on the couch cushion.

Keep going for the video while I repeat "Gimme my shoe!" and "That hurt so ba-UH!" all weekend.

Thanks to Allyson S, who knows what I like, and I like whatever this was.

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