Surprise!: Woman Unknowingly Steps On Speeding Treadmill

April 27, 2020

This is a short security cam video from early February from a gym in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam of a woman stepping on a treadmill already in operation, allegedly unaware that it was already in operation, which I find hard to believe except for the fact she steps on that thing like she's stepping into a bath. Speaking of embarrassing gyms stories, I remember one time I was at the gym and a girl I liked was spotting me while I benched 95 for the first time and I farted so loud I though all the mirrors were gonna shatter and every month for the last three years when I see my membership fees autodrafted from my account but I haven't been back it serves as a very painful reminder of that day.

Keep going for the video in case you want to watch in slow motion and make your own sound effects.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees paying attention is underrated.

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