Smart: An Alien Facehugger Face Mask

April 10, 2020


This is the alien facehugger face mask crafted by horror filmmaker Jeff Barnaby. In his own words: "The functionality of the mask is 3 fold, it covers/protects your mouth, guarantees ppl will stay away from you and reminds everyone that if Ash the evil robot didn't break quarantine THE REST OF THE SHIP WOULD HAVE BE FINE!" Wonderful, now I want a facehugger face mask of my own. Don't get me wrong, my current mask is great, it's just-- "A bandana soaked in gasoline." Like I said, it's great.

Thanks to DT, who agrees these would sell like hotcakes.

Stay Away!: Cthulhu Face Masks With Tentacles

These are the Cthulhu face masks printed and sewn and sold by Well Done Goods (previously: their Alien facehugger masks). The HP Lovecraft inspired masks are available...
May 20, 2020

Sure, Why Not?: Llama Shaped Pepper Spray

Llamas: just like me, they spit when they're irritated. "You're gross." *starts hocking* Enter the Llama Shaped Pepper Spray designed and sold by Pepperem ($30). Each llama...
September 18, 2019
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