Public Official's Interview About New Speed Bumps Starring A Car Launching Over One At High Speed

April 14, 2020

This is a video from the municipality of Romelândia in Brazil of deputy mayor and municipal coordinator of Civil Defense Valmir Birkheuer giving a television interview about the three new speed bumps installed on SC-161 (how riveting!) to encourage motorists to reduce their speed during the road's decent after a string of recent accidents. Aaaaand then there's these crazy Duke boys launching over it like it's a downed power line in a G.I. Joe PSA. You can see Valmir eyeing the car as it's coming and trying his best to ignore it. I like how the driver gives a "WOOHOO!" afterwards, that's the sign of a good time right there. Swerving and crashing into that rock wall -- that would have been the sign of a bad time. A sock on the doorknob? That's the sign of a sexy time. Speaking of -- has anybody ever actually done that? Because I used to do it freshman year in college but only because I didn't want my roommate bothering me while I played Counter-Strike.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees there's always gonna be that person, and probably a bunch of them.

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