OMG, So Much Whimsy: These Sculptural Instruments

April 13, 2020

These are three examples of the "musical instrument sculptures" crafted by artist and musician Bichopalo of Valencia, Spain. Some more info about his work (the one above specifically), which he credits to his two bird friends, Pico and Verdi (seen poking out of sphere in the middle). Man, I wish I had bird friends. I thought I had a goose friend once, but that bastard just wanted my bread, then my butt cheeks.

Let me introduce you "THE PLANTYFLUTESIZER". . . Still in progress, I can't really tell how many hours, days and months I've spent working on this. The entire structure is a combination of different instruments but the main one is a sort of sequencer with 8 notes limit that can be combinated on different patterns. An electric impulse actives a motor with an arm connected that hits a sensor running a pre-recorded note.

There's a lot to speak about this but on this particular post the real rockstars are my little partners: Pico and Verdi.

This two little fellas have been with me from a while, making me laught and giving me incredible presents every single day. It's incredible how these little creatures can emit such an intense light. If you have pets you know what I mean. They are family, pure unconditional love, no matter what, specially these weird days of quarantine is needed more than ever.

Gosh, I would love to build things like these. The problem is-- "You're untalented." Well I was going to say I'd never be able to gather the necessary supplies during this quarantine, but I appreciate your vote of confidence. Remember, a vote for GW is a vote-- "Wasted." Alright, now you're just being nasty.

Keep going for three different instruments.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees there is next level, then there's whatever this is.

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