Neo?!: Dog Makes Matrix-Like Jump Through Livestock Gate

April 28, 2020

This is an ultra-short video of an Australian Shepherd jumping through the gap in a livestock gate all Matrix-like. Smart dog. You think this is Neo living his best ignorance-is-bliss blue pill life? Because I've messed around with those blue pills before, and let me tell you--"Boners for days." I mean the commercial says to call your doctor if it lasts longer than four hours, but I waited 48 out of embarrassment hoping it would deflate itself on its own. "Like a monster truck tire with a nail in it." It's like you were there staring at it with me the whole time.

Keep going for the video in case you want to slow it down or speed it up on your own.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees maybe bullet-time is real and you just have to know how to activate it.

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