Mother Nature's A Trip: Video Of Caterpillar With Mimic Snake Head

April 24, 2020

This is yet another nature video from David Weiller (previously), this time starring a hawkmoth caterpillar of the Sphingidae family, which has the ability to inflate its head to look like a badass snake's if threatened by a potential predator like a bird or lizard. How about that! Me? Whenever I feel threatened I just curl up in a ball and *waving wand* cast my patronus charm. "What, uh, what animal is that?" I'm not sure, but a lot of times it appears stuck on its back and I get my ass kicked.

Keep going for the video, but the gif is probably sufficient.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees Mother Nature is hands down the freaky deakiest lady on the planet by far.

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