Mmm!: Opening A Can Of Chef Boyardee Spider-Man Pasta From 1995

April 24, 2020


This is a five photo thread of Twitter user Dinosaur Dracula opening a can of Chef Boyardee Spider-Man Pasta and Meatballs from 1995. Now, based on my vast experience eating foods well past their expiration date, it appears the can was compromised by oxidation, allowing what would have otherwise been a delicious meal a dry, rock-hard turd block. *shrug* I say add a cup of water, nuke it for three minutes and eat it anyway. "You're disgusting." My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen! She doesn't even like it when I lick between her toes. "Not during dinner at my parents' house." That stir-fry was bang.

Keep going for the whole thread, as well as a vintage commercial for the pasta.

Thanks to Jeremy K, who agrees now this -- this is what the internet was made for.

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