Memory Lane: Guy Records Himself Taking A Trip Around The Internet In 1998

April 28, 2020

This is a video from Youtuber DiamondGB from a bygone era known as the late 90's as he Netscape Navigates his way through the series of tubes on April 4th, 1998. Some more info and timestamps while I try to remember 1998 but fail because I was born in a top secret government lab at age 26:

One day almost 13 years ago I just decided to fill a VHS tape with me using the internet. I've edited out a lot of even more boring bits of this video, you're not missing much. I've uploaded this to show to friends, but it'd be cool if more people find something they enjoy here.

0:00 I visit #3dfx on IRC
4:17 I show off my old Geocities website
5:18 I check for the latest gaming news
3:57 browsing the anime web turnpike
5:42 more #3dfx on IRC
9:07 I go to looking up news on the upcoming Zelda64

Recorded on a Pentium 2 300MHz with 16MB RAM and a Canopus Pure 3D Voodoo1 card via S-Video out.

Man...going to IGN to look up the latest news on the upcoming Zelda game (Ocarina Of Time), it's crazy to think that was 22 years ago. The internet sure has changed, hasn't it? 22 years -- wow. I mean I have two dogs younger than that, you know? "Huh?" I love them. "Okay..." They're my everything.

Keep going for a slow-speed trip down memory lane. Also, I like how he loads up the Legend Of Zelda theme midi to get hyped before visiting IGN.

Thanks to Greg C, who agrees those were simpler times.

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