McLaren Versus F-35 Jet In Race Around Runways

April 28, 2020

This is a video from Top Gear of a ~$2-Million McLaren Speedtail racing a ~$110-million F-35 jet in a triangular race around some airport runways. The McLaren has a top speed of around 250MPH and the F-35 about 1,200MPH, but it doesn't go much faster than 550MPH in the race on account of flying so low and needing to make relatively tight turns (which it performs at 400MPH, pulling 7 G's). So, taking into account the F-35 has to travel significantly further and make wider turns than the McLaren can pull off, who do you suppose wins? "Whoever gets off watching hypercars and fighter jets." Haha, Optimus Prime, ladies and gentlemen! "BOYOYOYOYOING!" Alright that's enough.

Keep going for the race (which begins at 4:30 if you don't care about talking about the machines), which the fighter jet pilot pretty well predicts in his pre-race interview.

Thanks to JKR and Mark B, for reminding me I took the highway to the danger zone yesterday afternoon when I tried to remove the box of cookies from my girlfriend while she was napping on the couch.

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