Man Causes $10K Water Damage To Motel, Jumps Off Balcony Onto Car Roof Trying To Escape Employee

April 8, 2020

This is a video from a Studio 6 motel in Commerce, California of a man who apparently caused over $10,000 in water damages to the motel after he turned on all the faucets and clogged the sink/bathtub and "also busted pipes in the ceiling," then tried to make a getaway from motel employees by jumping from the balcony onto the roof of a Nissan Murano, cracking the windshield, and sliding down the hood opposite of Dukes Of Hazzard style and almost busting his ass on the pavement. *shrug* Hey, we all deal with self-quarantine differently. "Drugs." Noooooooo -- you think he was on them?! I just assumed he was using his self-isolation as an opportunity to reenact the end of Titanic.

Keep going for the action-packed video, but make sure to have the volume on for the fire alarm and screaming hysteria for full effect. I felt like I was there!

Thanks to Will M, who agrees when in doubt, flood it and run.

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