Lucasfilm Releases 30+ Star Wars Backgrounds For Use On Video Calls

April 21, 2020


Because video meeting are all the rage these days on account of everybody being trapped at home clawing at the walls until their fingers bleed (Hey Siri add BandAids and Neosporin to shopping list), Lucasfilm has just released over thirty Star Wars images optimized for use as Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conferencing backgrounds. Alternatively, just use the same background of a dirty bathroom that I use. "That is your dirty bathroom, the toilet paper roll keeps getting smaller." Haha *flushing* that's my last roll too.

Keep going for a few of my favorites, but they can all be downloaded HERE.








Thanks again to hairless, who agrees if you aren't video conferencing from inside a Sarlaac pit, what are you even doing with your life?

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