Louisiana Town Unknowingly Used The Purge Siren To Signal Curfew

April 10, 2020


Police in Crowley, Louisiana unknowingly drove around blaring an old military siren to signal the 9PM curfew for residents, unbeknownst to them it's the same siren used to signal the beginning of the the purge in The Purge franchise. Some more details while I try to guess what other movies they haven't seen:

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said he didn't want to use a regular police siren to alert residents to the curfew, and another officer pointed him to an old military siren, which happened to be the same one used in "The Purge."

Parish residents immediately filed complaints about the warning sound, according to KATC.

Broussard, who said he didn't know about the connection to the movies, apologized and said his officers won't be using that siren moving forward.

Man, that's hilarious. But also scary. And also *sheathing ninja sword* what am I supposed to do with these bodies? Like I can't be held responsible, right? I mean technically this is the police's fault.

Keep going for a video somebody recorded of the siren from their porch.

Thanks to my buddy Closet Nerd, who informed me now he's gonna have to pull all the nails out of his baseball bat. Honestly? I'd keep them.

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